The best cloud computing advice of 2010

From an overview of cloud computing pricing to a library of cloud-themed resources, these are the ten best pieces of cloud computing advice from 2010.

From describing a year's worth of unexpected outages to examining exactly how cloud computing is changing IT infrastructure and culture, these are's top 10 pieces of expert advice from 2010.

#10 - Cloud computing outages: What can we learn?
Cloud computing services aren't exactly perfect, and there's always the chance that a key provider will face an outage (or two). But by analyzing all the downtime suffered in 2010, there are plenty of things that IT managers can learn to help protect and manage their cloud environments.

#9 - Cloud computing resource library
There's a lot to take in when it comes to cloud services, but we've still managed to bring it all together in this one-stop cloud resource library. It has everything -- including cloud standards groups, open source projects and top blogs -- that you'll need to embark on your cloud journey.

#8 - Private clouds on the horizon
Private cloud appeals to companies intrigued by cloud services but fearful of the security and privacy risks of public cloud. These internal infrastructures can turn existing data center investments into a cloud-like environment, and that has a lot of IT managers considering a future in the private cloud.

#7 - What is VMforce?
VMware and joined powers to create VMforce in April, a move that had everyone in both the cloud and virtualization worlds buzzing. In 2011, developers will look to capitalize upon VMforce's ability to build and host social, mobile and collaborative applications.

#6 - Cloud computing from A to Z
From cloud backup to service-level agreements, we have compiled and defined all of the important cloud computing terms in this guide. And as the cloud expands and incorporates new language, this compendium will be updated appropriately.

#5 - An introduction to cloud management
Vendors all over are introducing their own tools for managing cloud computing environments in an attempt to persuade users and IT managers to try their products. The sheer number of services out there can be intimidating for someone new to cloud, but there are ways to sort through the options.

#4 - How cloud computing is changing IT
Cloud computing has attracted positive and negative attention from the IT community as a whole; there are many who believe that cloud will save IT and others who think it will destroy it. Whatever side you're on, it is safe to say that cloud is already altering IT as a whole, and it won't be going away any time soon.

#3 - Cloud computing development for beginners
Cloud computing can be used for many different tasks, including being a platform for application development. Find out about the most prominent available platforms, including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Google App Engine and's

#2 - Understanding cloud computing pricing
So you've got the basics of cloud computing under control, but now it's time to tackle the next big issue: cloud computing pricing. To get a real grasp on what you're paying for, it is important to understand the indvidual service elements that a provider bills for and how those changes are calculated.

#1 - Security issues in cloud computing
While cloud computing continues to grow, one of the major issues IT managers must contend with is security in the cloud. Many users remain concerned about compliance and data protection, and some are even wondering if it will get better or worse with time. This easy reference guide of news, tips and interviews, however, will help keep users informed on cloud security's continued evolution.

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