Honorable mention: 2010 top cloud computing leaders

Sam Johnston, Open Cloud Computing Interface founder, and Chris Weitz, director with Deloitte Consulting, round out our list of the top cloud computing leaders.


Honorable mention: Sam Johnston and Chris Weitz

Sam Johnston and Chris Weitz

Earning an honorable mention in our list of the top cloud leaders is nothing to sneeze at. These two men are already important movers and shakers in the future of cloud computing.

An irrepressible gadfly and pundit, Sam Johnston has a hand in many things cloud. When he's not ranting about cloud computing and security on his blog, Johnston balances a day job at Google with his endeavors at the Open Cloud Computing Interface working group.

The director of Deloitte's technology strategy and architecture practice, Chris Weitz has a surprising skepticism about new technology. Consultants are often in the pockets of vendors, merrily singing the song of whoever is lining their pockets that month. Not Weitz.

25 years of experience in IT architecture, integration and operations has appropriately given him cause for caution on the "next new thing." He's bullish on the move to cloud computing but very clear in his advice on vendor offerings, which is to take everything in this immature cloud market with a grain of salt. Today's players could very well be history 18 months from now.

What do you think about our list of the top leaders in cloud computing? Drop us a line and let us know how you would have ranked them or who we might have missed.


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