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Top five cloud computing tips of 2010

Our most popular tips of 2010 included advice on how to build a private cloud and an overview of five cloud-based open source tools.

Over the last twelve months, several of our best experts offered their two cents on working with cloud computing services -- including the best way to secure data in the cloud and how to build a private cloud -- and in turn produced's top five cloud tips of 2010.

#5 - The building blocks of private cloud
Working with a private cloud has become a preferred alternative for many looking to transition their existing IT data center infrastructures. Many vendors present themselves as the best foundation for a private cloud infrastructure -- which includes virtualization, automated workload management, self-service and metering or chargeback -- and it's up to you to decide which one to start building on.

#4 - Intrusion detection in a cloud computing environment
Within cloud security, the importance of an intrusion detection system is something that should not be overlooked. Intrusion detection can be performed on different service offerings, and there are a multitude of options to choose from. Find out which one might be best for your cloud environment.

#3 - Securing data in the cloud
There are still many concerns about the security of information stored in a public cloud, along with how enterprises will ensure that said data remains safe. But there are a lot of best practices and features that will work to protect your data in a real world environment and meet complaince requirements.

#2 - Five open source tools for building and managing clouds
Because of its inexpensive nature (it's free) and the lack of software license models, open source technology is going to have a lasting impact on the cloud computing world. Take a look at how cloud users can benefit from the open source tools offered by OpenNebula, Eucalyptus and others.

#1 - Want to build a private cloud?
Building a private cloud isn't the easiest task for IT managers, as it can be as comprehensive as putting together an entire cloud infrastructure from scratch. However, many IT managers are intrigued by its status as a more secure stepping stone to public cloud computing. There are also some vendors beginning to sell packaged software designed to make building a private cloud easier. Our most popular tip of 2010 offers an introductory overview on creating and configuring a private cloud service for your enterprise.

If you're interested in further advice on the cloud, take a look at the rest of our cloud computing tips.

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