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This content is part of the Essential Guide: Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards 2013
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Winner: Best enterprise cloud app

The winner of the best enterprise cloud app category in the Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards promises endpoint security for enterprise data.

CrashPlan ProE

Best enterprise cloud app winner: CrashPlan PROe

As more and more enterprises adopt cloud services for vital workloads and applications, the vendor community is coming to their aid with enterprise cloud apps to suit their evolving needs. Cloud users voiced their opinion on the enterprise cloud app that best supports their organization's day-to-day work and IT environment, and CrashPlan PROe, an enterprise endpoint backup offering from Code42, proved to be voters' enterprise app of choice.

"CrashPlan ProE solves a fundamental problem for IT," said Dan Sullivan, senior systems architect at the Roanoke, Va.-based Virginia Bioinformatics Institute and contributor.

"Dead-simple end-user experience," said one voter.

CrashPlan PROe provides security to executive-level and mission-critical data residing on endpoint devices -- an important cog in the cloud security machine for enterprises. Voters noted the app's simplicity and flexibility as stand-out features among other enterprise cloud app choices.

"It's simple -- it just works without being overly complicated," another voter said. "Yet if you want the added flexibility of configuring backup policies or even add things like LDAP/Active Directory integration -- it's there. Also, cross-platform support means we don't have to stay locked into a single OS."

Enterprise cloud app honorable mention: Axcient Cloud Continuity

The Honorable Mention winner in the enterprise cloud app category went to cloud backup provider Axcient Cloud Continuity. As the costs of downtime affect enterprise IT's financial bottom line and reputation, Axcient Cloud Continuity offers the ability to access your cloud environment – and potentially your mission-critical data—so you can continue working from any cloud-connected device during an emergency.

Sullivan calls Anxient Cloud Continuity an "interesting service that can streamline disaster recovery."

Another enterprise user paid it forward when it came to casting a vote for CrashPlan PROe.

"CrashPlan saved my files when my computer crashed, so I am returning the favor whenever I can," the voter said.

Best enterprise cloud app finalists

CrashPlan ProE won out over these other enterprise cloud apps:

Axcient Cloud Continuity


CrashPlan PROe

Genius Project



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Another cloud-related application to look at is SkyHigh Networks...Among other things it provides very insightful information on just how many cloud services are being used on your network. The average is over 700 per enterprise - who would've thought!?