Managing cloud applications

  • July 15, 2019 15 Jul'19

    Linode GPU instances offer accelerated computing power

    Linode's GPU instances are built on Nvidia's Quadro RTX 6000 GPU cards, designed to power high-performance applications and use cases for artists, scientists, engineers and more.

  • May 08, 2019 08 May'19

    Microsoft gives developers a sneak peek into Azure updates

    Here's a look at three of the Azure-related projects developers got a glimpse of at Build, including a new open source project.

  • April 15, 2019 15 Apr'19

    Kroger buys into Google Cloud migration, despite challenges

    It wasn't easy for Kroger to migrate its customer-facing search engine to Google Cloud, but it happened fast, thanks to proper planning and the right mix of talent.

  • January 31, 2019 31 Jan'19

    Google Cloud Firestore points NoSQL database at mobile, IoT

    Google's NoSQL document database, Cloud Firestore, is now generally available to offer better scale and reliability for mobile and IoT apps and keep pace with AWS and Azure services.

  • February 22, 2018 22 Feb'18

    Cloud-centric IBM patents promise payoff

    IBM plans to commercialize investments in cloud R&D into products, services and tools that draw new customers.

  • October 29, 2015 29 Oct'15

    Adobe fesses up; will fix the app it broke

    In an  earlier IT Knowledge Exchange blog post, I wrote about how Adobe, in an astonishingly poor effort to simplify, completely changed the import procedure in its Lightroom application, widely ...

  • September 18, 2015 18 Sep'15

    Have you forgotten about Windows?

    We're all so busy reading (you) or writing (me) about developing apps for cloud and mobile platforms, it's getting pretty tough to find much in the way of Windows coverage. If you've forgotten ...

  • June 17, 2015 17 Jun'15

    Is mobile software really this bad?

    Every day, I check my iPhone to see which apps have been updated. Think of it as the latest fad in armchair spectator sports. What I see only reinforces my belief that mobile apps may look pretty, ...