Oracle to put Fusion middleware in Amazon Compute Cloud

What is in Cloud Computing? Now you can add Oracle Fusion middleware to the list. Plans to make Fusion available via the Amazon Cloud were part of the first day salvo at Oracle Open World in San Francisco.

Fusion Middleware in the Amazon Cloud, and updated Java development tools for the newly integrated BEA technology, including the newly christened Oracle WebLogic Server were announced today at Oracle Open World.

Charles Phillips, Oracle president, and Chuck Rozwat, Oracle executive vice president of product development, discussed the new middleware products in the opening keynote Monday morning for the estimated 43,000 attendees at the show in San Francisco.

Plans to make Fusion available via the Amazon Cloud came as Rozwat discussed the changes to Oracle's middleware since the acquisition of BEA was finalized in July. As previously announce, the new middleware product designated Fusion 11G will be based on BEA WebLogic server and include a melding of the Oracle and BEA enterprise service bus technology.

"We've started to make available for you our complete Fusion middleware stack on the Amazon Cloud," Rozwat told the attendees at Moscone Center in San Francisco. "This is a way to deploy middleware on the Cloud using virtualization, using the techniques that Amazon provides, now built into Oracle Fusion middleware."

For Java developers, the previously announced JDeveloper application development framework for Fusion is available starting this week, Rozwat said.

"We now have – shipping this week – the tools for Fusion 11G including a new version of JDeveloper, a new version of ADF, which is our application development framework, as well as TopLink [object-relational mapping (ORM) package]. Those products are now available to start building applications."

The tools are now "tightly integrated" with the re-branded Oracle WebLogic server. In a recent interview Jason Bloomberg, senior analyst with ZapThink, said WebLogic was the crown jewel in the BEA acquisition and filled a gaping hole in Fusion.

"If you read between the lines, when Oracle now says 'Oracle WebLogic Server Enterprise Edition is the application server of choice,' what they mean is that the application server they had before the BEA acquisition, to put it mildly, wasn't the application server of choice -- for just about anybody," Bloomberg said.

Assessing the value Oracle would gain from the BEA acquisition, Anne Thomas Manes, research director for Burton Group Inc., also noted that BEA WebLogic had "a huge installed base."

Revenue from that installed base may account for Phillips telling the audience Monday: "We're off to a great start with BEA. If you look at the results the last couple quarters that we had BEA they have certainly surpassed anyone's expectations. We're very thrilled."

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