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Sun pushes cloud to IT managers; and data center buildout persists

Headlines: Sun pushes cloud to leery data center managers; expert says data center construction continues despite recession.

IT channel news for March 12, 2009

Sun pushes cloud to leery data center managers

Sun Microsystems' CTO Greg Papadopoulos told data center facility managers this week to "get in front of that parade" for cloud computing, but no one is queuing up quite yet, according to

Papadopoulos discussed cloud computing and what it means for the future of data centers at the AFCOM Data Center World conference in Las Vegas.

Expert says data center construction continues despite recession

Some well publicized data center projects by Microsoft and Google may have slowed down, but the movement to build more data center capacity continues, according to attendees at AFCOM Data Center World, taking place this week.

The initial falloff of financial data center construction has been replaced by the construction of new government data centers, said Richard Sawyer, a vice president and engineer for EYP Mission Critical Facilities, which is now a division of Hewlett-Packard Co., according to

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