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Google to build cloud OS, CSC resells Microsoft

This week: Google's new operating system is shiny as Chrome, Jonathan Sapir discusses the power of the cloud.

Cloud computing roundup July 6-10

Chrome OS brings cloud to the mainstream

Google's Chrome operating system (OS) will operate on and allow immediate access to Web-based applications, which prominently includes the company's cloud computing offerings. The OS will be designed to work originally with netbooks, providing what is being called an "Internet-based experience", and will be expanded thereafter to laptops and desktops.

CSC reselling Microsoft's online offerings

CSC announced plans to resell Microsoft's Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) while providing all Level 1 and 2 support for the included products. They will also offer a mix of BPOS hosted by Microsoft, the version hosted in CSC's "Trusted Cloud" and their already existing email management services as a multifaceted, cost-saving option.

Azure prices leak; lower than AWS?

After much speculation, it appears that the pricing of Microsoft Azure's services could be up to 10% less than the cost of using Amazon Web Services. Industry sources have stated that Microsoft will "charge per 10 gigabyte database units, with other fees based on bandwidth and query activity."

Information at the edge of chaos

This guest post from Jonathan Sapir discusses the cloud computing revolution, including how the technology removes the boundaries previously enforced by IT and how the idea of users servicing themselves becomes more realistic with every day.

Propositions fly at HotCloud '09

At the HotCloud '09 conference in San Diego, CA, numerous groups made proposals in an effort to battle significant cloud computing issues. The University of Massachusetts at Amherst and AT&T Research Labs introduced the CloudNet framework, F. John Krautheim from the University of Maryland at Baltimore County discussed a virtual data center known as the Private Virtual Infrastructure (PVI) and the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems introduced the idea of a Trusted Cloud Computing Platform.

CA to take advantage of "blurred" lines

Saying that the "lines between physical and virtual networks…have blurred", CA is enhancing several of its offerings to work with VMware's vSphere 4 and Cisco's Nexus 1000V switch. These enhancements are aimed at assisting enterprises in identifying performance issues in cloud computing environments.

No more mobile app stores?

A study from ABI Research indicates that, within 5 years, mobile application stores like the iPhone's App Store will be replaced by applications acquired through and provided by the cloud. Citing the processing power and memory necessary for running and hosting these apps, ABI suggests that having the applications located off of the phone itself is the logical next step.

Cloud computing and the printed word

The IT Knowledge Exchange presents this free chapter excerpt from Power in the Cloud by Jonathan Sapir. In it, he discusses the "unprecedented opportunity for organizations to revolutionize the way in which they build information systems" that is provided by the advent of cloud computing.

IBM extends its range

The next step in IBM's cloud computing strategy will be to offer business analytics tools as part of its services. Having these tools off-site will offer companies an opportunity to host and analyze large amounts of data elsewhere.

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