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BMC hooks up with AWS; Azure pricing unveiled

This week: BMC partners with Amazon Web Services; Microsoft finally announces details of its Azure cloud development platform.

Cloud computing roundup July 13-17

BMC hooks up with Amazon Web Services

Taking the hybrid approach to the cloud computing market, BMC has announced that its customers will be able to work with Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) through its Business Service Management software.

Azure pricing unveiled

Microsoft used its Worldwide Partner Conference to officially announce details about its cloud computing plans. Azure services will be available in November, and the pricing will be consumption-based.

Rackspace releases API, soon to open source

Rackspace has taken the wraps off its API, and will release it to the open source community in the near future. The decision was described as a "show of solidarity with other cloud providers and technologies against Amazon Web Services".

Government to sell cloud services

Federal CIO Vivek Kundra presented an online store, dubbed the GSA Storefront, where government agencies can decide on the cloud computing services they need and purchase them over the Web. The security and documentation for these services, often a stalling point, will be resolved behind-the-scenes before they are made available.

Office Web for free

The release of Microsoft Office 2010 will be accompanied by a free, albeit limited, version of Office accessible through the cloud. This version, dubbed Office Web Applications, will be a competitor to Google and its Google Apps products.

Twitter and Google defend the cloud

Twitter and Google came together this week to defend the cloud computing model against allegations about their users' personal security. TechCrunch, a popular blog, accused Google of offering poor security for the password information Twitter stores in Google Apps.

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