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Net neutrality arouses the interest of cloud providers

This week: Cloud companies fight for net neutrality; IBM teams up with Chinese city to build cloud computing center.

Cloud computing roundup, September 21-25

Cloud computing and net neutrality
Julius Genachowski, head of the FCC, has announced support for net neutrality, or the "principle that all Web traffic should be treated equally." Cloud providers such as Google and Amazon support net neutrality, as it ensures that telecommunications carriers cannot charge more to bigger customers and, therefore, drive up prices of cloud offerings.

Chinese city to build cloud platform
The Chinese city of Dongying and IBM have announced plans for a new Yellow River Delta Cloud Computing Center, designed to help develop the city's petroleum industry, test resources for software startup companies and provide an e-government service platform for the city's economic development zone.

Is the cloud fundamentally insecure?
A new study from MIT and UC-San Diego indicates that virtualization vulnerabilities may exist in the general cloud computing infrastructure model.

Department of Energy funds cloud research
Even though the public sector has been slow to adopt cloud computing, that did not stop the Department of Energy from allocating $7.384 million to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in order to determine the effectiveness of commercial cloud computing models for the DOE.

Time for COBOL in the cloud?
Mark Haynie, CTO of application virtualization at Micro Focus, says that the 240 million lines of COBOL programming used in the IT world and the applications built with that code could fit firmly upon cloud computing infrastructures.

Socrata chosen for
Social data provider Socrata has been chosen, amongst Facebook, Flickr and YouTube, as a social media application available on, the government's cloud computing storefront. Socrata offers government data to the public in an interface similar to an audio and video player.

Australian nuclear medicine agency to implement cloud?
ANTSO, the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, announced that it is about to sign a $6 million agreement with vendors to implement a cloud computing system.

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