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VMware vCloud gets connected

This week: vCloud from VMware gets connectivity solutions; Rackspace survey shows lack of faith in green cloud.

Cloud computing roundup, September 28-October 2

First connectivity solutions for vCloud
Cohesive Flexible Technologies has announced VPN-Cubed, a cloud overlay network that provides control over vCloud, VMware's cloud computing service, and its connections to Amazon EC2, other clouds, data centers and more.

Cloud's green message doesn't resonate with users
The annual Green Survey from Rackspace Hosting indicated that, although 54% of the 150 polled Rackspace customers consider cloud computing part of their overall environmental strategy, only 21% feel that cloud services are considerably greener than the traditional infrastructures they replace.

Rackspace adds cloud personnel
Rackspace Cloud announced the hiring of six new employees, including the CTO of online apparel store Threadless, the founder of website design software company CoffeeCup Software and former Yahoo and Microsoft executives.

Growth of cloud databases slow
A study on database security from Forrester Research showed that cloud database use is still in the "early stages." The most popular cloud database options were also listed as Oracle 11g and IBM DB2 on Amazon's EC2.

Research indicates cloud performance issues
A research project from the University of New South Wales in Australia has found that Google App Engine, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, despite being built for different uses, suffer from inconsistencies in performances.

From the mainframe to the cloud
Some people in IT trace the origins of cloud computing to grid computing, and others like Danny Sabbah, the general manager of Rational Software at IBM, find a connection between cloud computing and the mainframe.

What did the cloud ever to do Larry Ellison?
Judith Hurwitz, our newest contributor to the Troposphere blog, analyzes the depths of Oracle CEO Larry Ellison's cloud discomfort.

IBM, Microsoft, Zend and others team up for PHP cloud API
A smorgasbord of IT companies, including IBM, Microsoft, Nirvanix, Rackspace and GoGrid, have joined with Zend Technologies to capitalize on the popularity of the PHP Web development language by creating a PHP application programming interface (API) for cloud application services.

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