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Cloud fears over Sidekick data loss partially assuaged

This week: Microsoft calms cloud concern by recovering Sidekick data; Dell and Salesforce offer new cloud CRM apps for SMBs.

Cloud computing roundup, October 12-16

Microsoft to recover Sidekick data
The Sidekick data loss that set off a wave of fears about cloud computing proved to have a relatively happy ending, as Microsoft engineers were able to recover most of the data lost through a botched operation in Sidekick-application provider and Microsoft-subsidiary Danger's data center.

NaviSite announces cloud platform
NaviSite, an enterprise hosting and application services provider, has announced its new cloud service. NaviCloud, also known as NaviSite Managed Cloud Services, is targeted at the enterprise and based off of VMware Sphere 4, VMware vCloud and the Cisco Unified Computing System.

Dell and partner
Small and medium businesses (SMBs) will now have access to dedicated, cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) applications, thanks to several new joint offerings from Dell and CRM-provider

Spamhaus brands EC2 as spam
Thanks to a spammer using IP addresses from Amazon EC2 locations in the United States, real-time blacklist provider Spamhaus moved the entire U.S. block of EC2 IP addresses onto its Policy Block List.

Oracle in the cloud? No thanks.
Oracle users at Oracle OpenWorld 2009 in San Francisco, in a discussion on the future of databases, showed both a general preference for keeping data in-house and a general disdain for the costs and capabilities of database cloud services.

AWS to rethink monitoring and support policies
Amazon Web Services has pledged to change its customer service and network policies after a distributed denial-of-service attack (DDOS) against AWS-hosted

Enigmatic signs up with Unisys
Data center automation provider Enigmatic has signed an agreement to make its run-book automation software, also known as the Execution Management System (EMS) , a key component in the infrastructure of Unisys's Secure Cloud Solution.

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