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Suffering from cloud confusion? Verizon is here to help

This week: Verizon offers consultation on cloud transitions; IBM's Tivoli now available on Amazon Web Services.

Cloud computing roundup, November 30-December 4

Verizon to consult on the cloud
The Verizon Cloud Computing Program, launched this week by the telco, will offer enterprises assistance in their cloud transition. This new service follows Verizon's entrance into the cloud market this summer and is right on the heels of competitor AT&T's Synaptic Compute service.

Tivoli available to monitor your cloud
IBM has added another piece of cloud monitoring software to the list with its announcement that Tivoli Monitoring, its system, database and application watchdog program, will be available in a pay-per-usage format on Amazon Web Services.

Back your EC2 instance with Elastic Block Store
A new feature from Amazon allows EC2 instances to boot from Elastic Block Store (EBS) rather than Simple Storage Service (S3), a change that will supposedly provide smoother performance and greater control over stopping and restarting instances.

Elastra goes from cloud to enterprise
Management software provider Elastra, a company that got its start with cloud software on Amazon Web Services, is attempting to move its focus to on-premise software with its new Enterprise Cloud Server.

PHRs and the cloud
Having personal health records (PHRs) accessible through the cloud seems like the logical next step for patients and healthcare providers alike. So why is neither side ready for the upgrade?

Indiana awarded grant for cloud research
Researchers at the Pervasive Technology Institute Digital Science Center at Indiana University have had their cloud computing research supported by a $1.5 million grant from the National Institutes of Health. The project will take large amounts of medical and biological research gathered in the last several years and processing this expansive data in the cloud.

AWS draws wagons, heads west
Amazon Web Services, with a twist, has expanded its services into a new region. The Northern California (US-West) Region will support all AWS services and optimize performance for users in California and the Southwestern United States, but pricing in the new area will rise slightly.

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