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Rackspace attracts Database as a Service pioneer

This week in cloud computing: FathomDB, founder of the DaaS industry, expands the offering of its services from Amazon Web Services to The Rackspace Cloud.

Cloud computing roundup, December 14-18

Database pioneers team up with Rackspace
FathomDB, which styles itself a pioneer of the Database as a Service (DaaS) industry, has partnered with Rackspace to provide users with the ability to run managed relational databases in The Rackspace Cloud. This extension of FathomDB's services, which were previously only offered on Amazon's cloud, highlights the rapid growth of choices for cloud consumers.

HP wants to manage, control and deliver your cloud services
In an attempt to ensconce itself in the cloud computing market, HP has announced its Operations Orchestration, Cloud Assure and Communications as a Service (CaaS) offerings. These services automate the provisioning of cloud services, ensure optimized cloud costs and offer low-cost, outsourced cloud services.

RightScale to scale Alfresco in the cloud
Cloud computing management provider RightScale has inked yet another in the growing area of cloud computing partnerships, this time to help implement, manage and scale Alfresco's enterprise content management (ECM) solution in the cloud.

Amazon Spot Instances take bids on capacity
Spot Instances, the new, flexible resource distribution option offered by Amazon, allow Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) users to bid on unused and available EC2 capacity and run extra instances until those bids have been met or surpassed.

RainStor seeks to shift old data into new territories
The formerly U.K.-based RainStor, an infrastructure software company, has launched an assault on big, extraneous enterprise data with its newest cloud database solution.

The largest scientific collaboration cloud has a provider
CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, has chosen Platform Computing to handle what it calls the world's largest cloud computing environment for scientific collaboration.

Does Microsoft's acquisition of Opalis have cloud implications?
Microsoft has acquired Opalis Software, and Opalis president Todd DeLaughter indicted in a blog post that his company's data center automation software will be "a core building block in the future of IT," along with being a "foundation for the automation necessary to deliver cloud computing." Microsoft has announced plans to integrate Opalis' software into Microsoft System Center products.

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