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The Daily Cloud: Want to build your own cloud? Surgient can help

If you've got $50,000 and 30 days, Surgient will help you build your own cloud. But is the the company's Cloud Express a sound investment?

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Surgient cloud kits: We deliver, you build it yourself
Virtualization and systems management software firm Surgient is offering a heck of deal: For $50,000, it will sell you a cloud kit you can use to build your own! Sears used to sell houses like that -- no joke.

Billed as "the fast track to the enterprise world," Surgient Cloud Express is supposedly everything you need to buff up that dingy old data center to a sparkling, modern, Amazon-like environment in 30 days or less.

Surgient will give you the software, the plans, the documentation and hold your hand through the process. It will help even the crustiest, crankiest IT admin, scarred from the firefights of a thousand "process restructuring" battles, get a fresh feeling back in his or her IT, much like the renewed pep of a good tooth whitening. It should be painless, giving you all the benefits of cloud: User-friendly IT with fewer costs for infrastructure…after you write the $50,000 check, of course.

But will it actually be painless? After all, the promise of cloud computing is that you can start small and add what you need. If you like it, add more. If you don't, don't. Surgient's technology isn't wholesale IT replacement; it's an add-in to make your IT easier to use, which is the premise of cloud computing.

But $50k is pretty steep for an experiment, guys, and 30 days? One presumes that's 30 days of work after projecting costs, calculating returns and budgeting, planning and organizing for the shift…?

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