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The Daily Cloud: VMware's Jackson takes a shot at Windows Azure

VMware claims Microsoft does not use Hyper-V in Windows Azure. Microsoft responds by asking, "VMwho?"

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VMware vs. Microsoft
Does someone need a hug, or perhaps a specialized high-performance virtualization platform to take advantage of their near-monopoly in the enterprise data center? VMware honcho Rick Jackson took the gloves off at the software maker's annual partner event this week, claiming that Microsoft doesn't even use its own hypervisor product, Hyper-V, in its cloud service, Windows Azure.

That's a low blow, although watching VMware and Microsoft squabble over business tactics is like watching a one-legged man in a sack fight with the jolly Green Giant.

It's also entirely academic, since Microsoft, unlike VMware, isn't trying to sell anyone on buying Azure's technology. It's just trying to get people to use and pay for it, so it could be running KVM on CentOS or Xen, for all users will care.

Forrester warns users that Big Brother is in the cloud!
Forrester Research has released a report on the pitfalls of locating your data around the world in an attempt to remind users that they need to take a long look at the ramifications of where they store data, not just go for the lowest price. One risk Forrester takes care to point out is unwarranted governmental intrusion.

A handy chart was included to let enterprises know where to watch out for spooks: The U.S. took pride of place, alongside Russia, China, and Burma, as locations that your business should watch out for. In lands like those, you run a high chance of your data getting impounded, searched, surveilled or otherwise compromised without warning. Awkward.

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