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The Daily Cloud: Cisco dumps HP as a hardware partner

Lines are being drawn in the data center world as Cisco breaks ties with HP to focus on its partnership with EMC and VMware.

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Trouble in IT paradise
Cisco has unceremoniously relieved itself of a commercial partnership with HP, dumping it as a reseller as of April 30. Analysts claim that Cisco wants to freeze HP out of future knowledge of its hardware roadmaps. That makes sense, as Cisco is desperately trying to cram its Unified Computing System (UCS) gear into data centers so as not to get left behind on server and IT consolidation.

Cisco is apparently terrified that HP will somehow be able to make an end-run around UCS and splash out better, faster, cloud-ier gear for the data center (which is perfectly justified, since HP actually makes computing hardware and Cisco does not). The recent $250 million Microsoft-HP cloud fest probably didn't help. The EMC-VMware-Cisco trifecta clearly feels no need to graciously handicap itself in front of that kind of potential competition.

Cisco said it never really liked HP's in-laws, and the wedding plans were shot to hell anyway. It totally won't be depressed for months because it can't get the deposit back on the reception hall.

IEEE gets behind Cloud Security Alliance, adding another century to standards development plans
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has signed on to the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), lending the gravitas of the world's largest professional association of confusing, vendor-influenced War & Peace length standards and practices memorandum. The move adds even more weight to the CSA, who remain in the process of developing consensus on cloud security standards.

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