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The Daily Cloud: Citrix to expand its SaaS empire

Citrix launches a Software as a Service-based IT management platform after buying Paglo; Rackspace presents a Partner Program for its best friends in cloud computing.

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Citrix wants to manage your IT
Thanks to its acquisition of the Software as a Service (SaaS)-based IT search and management services of Paglo Labs, Citrix is ready to launch a Web-based platform for monitoring IT infrastructures.

The service, dubbed GoToManage, will be expected to serve as a complimentary side dish to Citrix's meat and potatoes, SaaS-based remote support. And with the market for IT management provided by SaaS predicted to reach $4 billion by 2012, taking a stab in this direction seems like a no brainer.

CA buys 3Tera: Money no object
Deciding that it wouldn't mind spreading out the cash for a pretty face, CA reportedly laid out a bundle for cloud platform software maker 3Tera. 3Tera's AppLogic software provides data centers with the ability to turn their servers into a point-and-click adventure game (read: managing resources in a web GUI). The move pits CA against other leading IT management companies like IBM in a "race to the cloud" for enterprise dollars.

The Rackspace Cloud partners up
In an attempt to foster a sense of community with its near and dear business associates, the cloud computing division of Rackspace Hosting has created its first ever Partner Program.

The program will streamline the process by which resellers and affiliates distribute and shop Rackspace Cloud services, along with providing end-user billing and support systems from Rackspace itself, not the partners.

It's another step towards continued cloud prominence for the hosting provider, as the company's commitment to its partners and customers has long been one of its primo selling points.

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