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VMware acquires EMC management tools

In a move that might hurt your head if you think about it too much, the EMC subsidiary rounds out vCloud with management products bought from EMC itself.

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VMware purchases tools…from its parent company
Like a child playing dress up with mother's costume jewelry, EMC subsidiary VMware has taken over a host of virtualization and infrastructure management tools from EMC's stable for a reported $200 million.

VMware will now run EMC's Ionix products, such as Application Discovery Manager and FastScale's Just Enough Operating System (JeOS) virtual machine image manager. The hypervisor maker said the products are designed to round out vCloud, VMware's stab at turning virtualized enterprise customers into private cloud users.

It remains to be seen how the accounting details are laid to rest: Does VMware, acquired by EMC in 2003, write a check to EMC that the company will promptly cash against its own reserves? The mind boggles.

Europe remains cloud wary
A vendor commissioned study indicates that European IT users are looking significantly more bearish on cloud than enterprises based in North America. The study queried 550 respondents and found that only 17% of respondents thought that cloud computing was "a long term shift in methodology."

That said, the study also states that EMEA businesses are adopting virtualization whole hog, and 47% plan to buy some form of cloud-based service in the near term. So this study may indicate a reluctance to jump on the nomenclature bandwagon and lump everything under the sun into cloud computing rather than a serious impediment to the adoption of cloud.

AWS adds consistency for SimpleDB
In short,  SimpleDB just added the ability to ensure that data objects are processed consistently every time an application asks for them. It has also added conditional requests on data objects, bringing SimpleDB a baby step closer to a fully functional relational database model. Not everyone who uses SimpleDB is going to care about that, but it's a relief to those who do. Read Mitch Garnaat for more detail on the new features.

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