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EMC, VMware and Intel want to improve cloud computing security

The IT giants use the RSA Conference to push their new approach to securing cloud environments.

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Bigwigs use RSAC to tell the world how they will fix cloud security
EMC, VMware and Intel demoed a team effort to bake security into virtualization at the RSA Conference, with the trio saying it was part of their long-term alliance (translation: multi-vendor lock-in) designed to improve security all the way down the stack. It appears to be kissing cousins with Intel's remarkably proprietary Trusted Computing Platform and uses some of the same technology to lock down code and virtual machines from the iron on up.

Dark Reading's Kelly Higgins reports RSA president Art Coviello as saying "[the ability] to prove compliance is not just theoretical." That's great news. Nobody else was really worried about compliance being a security net zero and a useless rubber stamp, and nobody's put any work into coming up with vendor-neutral ways to independently ensure security. officially will not trust any cloud that's not 100% VMware, Intel and EMC from now on.

In other news, EMC showed exactly how it is going to handle a new strategic partnership with subsidiary VMware by buying up 80% of its stock.

Microsoft rushes another fashionable product out the door, invents new name for old idea
Microsoft debuted its ForeFront identity management software at the RSA Conference and announced it was all part of Microsoft's grand plan for "End to End Trust" that will save us all. A note to the MSCE candidates out there: Be sure to call it Microsoft™ End to End Trust when answering an exam question about the idea of trusting a security model from end to end. You'll get it wrong otherwise, just like if you didn't answer Microsoft™ TCP/IP for the question, "What are the common protocols for data transmission over the Internet?"

IceWEB strikes deal for NASA cash in cloud storage
Meanwhile, out in the real world, James River Technical and IceWEB just made a few billion dollars on cloud by striking a deal with NASA to build cloud storage. NASA Nebula is the U.S. government's most open source-friendly and innovative cloud platform to date.

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