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Microsoft's Ballmer bets the farm on cloud computing

The lively CEO reinforced Microsoft's cloud commitment during an address at the University of Washington.

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Ballmer says Microsoft's "all in" cloud-wise
Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's famously exuberant CEO, declared his software firm "all in" on cloud computing yesterday, speaking from the Microsoft Atrium of the Paul G. Allen Center for Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington. Presumably he felt welcomed, at least by the décor.

Ballmer declared 70% of Microsoft was dedicated to the cloud right now, and it would be 90% sooner rather than later. Read Todd Bishop's take on Ballmer's boosterism here.

Cray to prototype cloud computer with Microsoft
Proving that you just can't get away from actually needing some computing power in your cloud, iconic supercomputer builders Cray have announced a team-up with Microsoft to prototype a hardware platform designed for use with Azure. The company said no further details were available as to the technical direction Cray would take or what the end result was going to be capable of.

One can only assume that, given Cray's past milestones in supercomputing, it will not only knock Cisco's UCS into a cocked hat and make WebSphere look like a child's tricycle but also come in the form of a set piece from the USS Enterprise. It's not clear if this will be a product initiative by Microsoft or more of a research venture to explore the limits of Azure's hypervisor and systems architecture. Users with $25,000 can, however, buy a CX1 with Windows Server. More from us if this story develops.

RightNow thumbs its nose at the SaaS world
RightNow has dropped a rock in the pond of Software as a Service (SaaS) with an impudent new collection of SLAs that promise to nail down pricing and put an end to "shelfware" -- bundling license costs for stuff users never see. They call it the "Cloud Challenge," and it remains to be seen whether Salesforce will pick up the gauntlet or just continue to make giant piles of money.

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