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Microsoft brings Azure to India

The company's cloud computing platform is now commercially available in India, complete with access to all existing U.S. services.

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Azure going around the world
Microsoft has opened the doors on an Azure service for the subcontinent. Azure in India will include access to all of the services available in the U.S. Details are sparse, but comments indicate that Microsoft has replicated Azure's infrastructure in local data centers and will be selling its cloud services from there.

Microsoft India reportedly has 1.2 million developers in the channel and Microsoft proper has invested about $2 billion in India since 2005. The Azure launch may shake up Amazon and Google, who have been focusing on the U.S. and the EMEA.

New VMware goodies from jclouds
VMware users can now use jclouds' Cargo application configuration directly on vCloud Express, streamlining the shift from internal virtual machines (VMs) to outside clouds (provided they run VMware, of course). Cargo automates the rollout of J2EE containers, and jclouds, the brainchild of Adrian Cole, is an open source project aimed at supporting a variety of cloud providers through a single interface. Cole now works for VMware.

Amazon contemplates cloud changes for security
Amazon Web Services (AWS) security wonk Steve Riley used an RSA Conference panel to announce that AWS is contemplating a managed encryption service that would let users generate encryption keys for AWS services. AWS would then curate the keys on dedicated, secure hardware platforms, something that seems spiritually akin to Intel's Trusted Computing Platform concept, but, without the hardware lock-in to Intel -- only cloud lock-in to AWS.

Amazon also indicated it might participate in the Cloud Security Alliance's Trusted Cloud Initiative.

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