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Cisco's CRS-3 router to help cloud computing combat bandwidth

Cisco conjured up some excitement with the announcement of its new $90,000, 322 terabytes-per-second monster of a router.

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Cisco launches gigantic router
Networking giant and newbie blade server provider Cisco successfully managed to run up a a good deal of buzz around its announcement of the CRS-3 Carrier Routing System (CRS) this morning.

The fancy router will carry up to 322 terabytes per second (depending on who's counting, of course) and starts at $90,000.

AT&T chief Keith Cambron said in the broadcast event that tests currently underway in Florida "give us a lot of confidence that we can deliver 100 gigabyte service."

This puts Cisco squarely in the "arms dealer" category in the telecom infrastructure market's mad scramble towards 100 Gbps pipes for everyone and their dog. That's only good news for cloud computing, as bandwidth remains one of the major obstacles, especially for enterprises, in the way of cloud computing's potential to change the way we design and run our applications.

Trickling out: the transition from awesome to Oracle continues
In a classic case of brain drain, Sun chief open source officer Simon Phipps has jumped ship from the Oracleborg. With Sun for almost ten years, Phipps posted an ironic photo and pointedly chose to highlight his track record of "liberating" technology during his career at Sun, rather than discuss the acquisition and absorption by a major nemesis of the open source community.

Cast Iron retargets data integration towards the cloud
Data middlemen Cast Iron officially launched OmniConnect, its answer to the explosion of off-premise Software as a Service applications. It's a twist on Cast Iron's specialty of integrating back-end data with third party front-end systems that's geared towards next-gen services like NetSuite and Sales Cloud 2. It has a clever "user interface mash up" that lets users grab features off a dashboard and mix them up, along with a Connector Development Kit that makes data integration templates.

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