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Amazon S3: Over one hundred billion objects served

The company can start bragging to its friends, as its cloud computing storage service now houses over 100,000,000,000 objects.

The Daily Cloud

Amazon is officially storing a boatload of data is reporting that Amazon Web Services hit a slightly scary milestone recently: more than 100 billion objects stored on Amazon S3, a number they called an "eye-popping total." Granted, most of those objects are six kilobyte files named 176033-078-43789arg-rec-num-blerfblerfblerf.log, but the news may well put Amazon in the top 100 data stores out there.

Google launches its Apps Marketplace
Google has launched a clearing house for Google Apps users to pick up cloud services from third-party vendors. That means you can go from Google Docs directly to your virtual servers or online service app, further blurring the line between Google and the rest of the world. Ironically, online Office productivity maker Zoho is prominently featured, so you can use Google Docs to use your Zoho docs, should you so desire.

Amazon S3 wants your naked SATA drives for its billion object collection
Amazon Web Services will now take your bare SATA hard drives in the mail to grub your files off them and upload them to your cloud storage. Despite the hype around cloud, the truth is that the most efficient bandwidth pipe is still FedEx. Amazon used to only take USB-ready hard drives for its manual upload service, but it will now accept plain old raw hard drives. can only assume that someone at AWS found this during a lunch break and ordered a few thousand for the shop. We assume shipping charges were not very high.

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