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CA grabs Nimsoft for its cloud computing lineup

On the heels of the 3Tera acquisition, CA strengthens its cloud services even further with the $350 million purchase of Nimsoft.

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CA makes another purchase
Continuing its spending spree, CA has acquired data center monitoring software maker Nimsoft for $350 million. Nimsoft's Unified Monitoring tools have attracted a lot of enterprise customers and the firm has targeted the cloud market for some time, even though Nimsoft got its start way back in the dark ages with traditional IT infrastructure tools.

The acquisition is more costly but less of a head-turner than CA's recent acquisition of 3Tera, as Nimsoft is much closer to what CA does than 3Tera is. The company states that Nimsoft will be a part of CA's new cloud lineup for the "emerging enterprise."

Former Middle Kingdom Googler touts cloud opportunity in China
Reuters reports that former Google China chief Kai-Fu Lee considers cloud computing an opportunity for China to finally get off the ground in software development, where it lags far behind the U.S. and India.

Lee said that rampant piracy had made software sales impossible, but with the advent of cloud, licensing models are shifting towards increasing irrelevance. Developers might be able to get paid by selling software services instead of (worthless, pirated) software licenses.

Elastra launches vCloud freebie
Elastra, which makes application management servers for the enterprise IT shop, announced that it is making its Enterprise Cloud Server available on VMware's vCloud. The company said in a press release that it had successfully tested out the theory that people like free stuff in Amazon Web Services, and since most of their big customers are already using VMware, this was the next logical step.

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