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Microsoft to let Azure developers dabble in AppFabric

For those impatient developers who just can't wait, Microsoft has opened a testbed for its AppFabric LABS environment on Azure.

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Azure opens AppFabric playground
For the wild at heart, Azure has opened a testbed environment for developers to play with AppFabric. AppFabric LABS will let users noodle around with test projects but offers no service-level agreements or guarantees of any kind about stability or performance. Microsoft says it's not a beta test program but "in return you will be able to preview the future of AppFabric while helping us shape it."

AppFabric is Microsoft's stab at a "glue layer" for Azure: users will theoretically be able to use it to create a service bus that can be used to manage applications and compute resources across their Azure deployment. Developers wishing to work for Microsoft for free in debugging the project are encouraged to sign up.

OnLive to open doors June 17, ISPs reach for Pepto-Bismol
"Revolutionary" online gaming service OnLive will GoLive in June, promising to put an end to those pesky game consoles by letting users play hi-def games online.

Skeptics say that while the technology may work, the astounding amount of bandwidth it consumes will overwhelm broadband providers. OnLive will consume more than a gigabyte of traffic per hour per user. That's giving Comcast and Verizon the willies, as ISPs massively oversell the amount of traffic capacity they actually have; one suburban neighborhood full of pimply teenage OnLive users could easily chew up an entire state's projected bandwidth usage.

Savvis opens doors in Asia
Savvis, the enterprise hoster and's ninth-best cloud provider, has opened a data center in Singapore.

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