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Jericho Forum's answer to cloud security: vendor scorecards

The security think tank presents a self-help quiz designed to analyze an IT organization's security management.

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IT organizations and cloud computing providers can now test their security
International IT security organization Jericho Forum has released the Self-Assessment Scheme, a self-help quiz for IT organizations and service providers to see how they measure up, security-wise. Cloud computing rates as a high priority.

"Current activities are focused on…analyzing requirements for enabling secure business collaboration in the de-perimeterized environment that cloud computing represents," according to Jericho. The Forum published its "cloud cube" security model in 2009 -- test takers are advised to review.

Vendors are supposed to see how well their security management holds up to the Jericho Forum's 11 commandments on security by filling out a scorecard at the end of the PDF. One wonders why there isn't an online version; vendors rushing to complete the quiz and post their results could almost certainly be contained by an m1.small.

Appistry adds more reliable storage to Hadoop
Appistry announced Appistry CloudIQ Storage Hadoop Edition, a special edition of its CloudIQ Storage product that replaces the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) with Appistry's CloudIQ Storage. It has no single point of failure or network bottleneck, enabling easy deployment in place of HDFS for mission-critical applications where scalability, reliability and throughput are key considerations.

Azure runs smog tracker over the EU
Azure team members posted a self-serving yet still very interesting Q&A with Jacqueline McGlade on Eye on Earth, a website that tracks environmental review data in EMEA.

McGlade stated that Azure's scability made it a nice choice for the upcoming holiday season, as presumably massive waves of tourists would swamp the site looking for hour-by-hour data on the air quality in the south of France ("snooty, overcast with brusque"). The site includes side-by-side user ratings on reported air quality, with Copenhagen currently rated as moderate and "smelly."

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