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McAfee's new trustmark is the latest cloud security proposal

A cloud provider worthy of the new Cloud Secure logo can brag to customers that it survived an external security scan from the antivirus software provider.

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McAfee trying to make its "mark" on cloud security
Virus wars profiteer McAfee is bending its talents towards the new hot market of cloud providers and now offers a "McAfee secure trustmark" for cloud computing. Providers, if they so desire, can buy McAfee's Cloud Secure logo for their website or software service. The company said that it wanted to help providers stand out of the crowd and that pricing would be based (somehow) around IP addresses served.

The service consists of external security scans of a provider's network, loosely based around McAfee's current website security audits and heuristic monitoring, to make sure a cloud provider isn't letting meanies in to send out spam and so on.

McAfee said it is relying on providers to police themselves in regards to data center certifications and compliance-readiness postures -- in other words, have SAS 70 II and ISO 27001 under your hat and McAfee will scan your Web portal here and there.

Auditing is loosely based around the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) guidelines, which, in turn, are loosely based around cloud customers playing hardcore CYA. McAfee is a member of the CSA, but says Cloud Secure will have nothing to do with the recently announced Trusted Cloud Initiative.

McAfee says that, after receiving certification, a vendor found to have fallen out of compliance will get a stern talking-to; customers won't appear to get any kind of information about lapses the vendor doesn't release.

RightScale: One million servers served
RightScale just hit a major milestone, indisputably proving the cloud computing concept and making a tidy pile of money in the meantime: over one million servers launched. The last year or so have made the cloud the place to go for cheap, easy, on-demand servers that are always the same; while has too much respect for the marketplace to compare the cloud to McDonalds, one cannot help but admire the convergence of demand, supply, and delivery in such an astounding new market.

So in the meantime, here's a blog comparing it to Wendy's. Congratulations to RightScale for getting the concept -- we trust the next million will be sooner than expected.

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