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Microsoft joins up with Cisco for data center play

Despite seemingly being on opposite sides of the data center war, Unified Computing System will now ship with Windows Server.

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IT enemies make strange bedfellows
Only in the incestuous world of IT hardware giants can tangled fates such as these meet: Cisco's data-center-in-a-box Unified Computing System (UCS) will ship with Windows Server as an OEM partner.

That's the same Cisco that belongs to EMC, which also owns VMware, which is pushing its decidedly non-Windows vSphere and vCloud line on enterprise customers. It's also the same Windows that inked a lovey-dovey $250 million deal on cloud in the data center with HP, who recently gave longtime partner Cisco the fisheye and dumped it cold for second-tier switch maker 3Com.

Dizzy? Don't worry; it's no worse than "Days of our Lives," only it's in your data center. What does it mean for the IT buyer? Relax, CIOs -- practically nothing at the moment. It's really all about Microsoft trying to find ways to push its undercooked infrastructure-management tools into Windows data centers. Check back after a few service packs for your Private™ Cloud™ by™ Microsoft™.

Eucalyptus debuts SAN connect at Cloud Connect
Open source cloud architects Eucalyptus showed off a new feature at the Santa Clara meet-and-greet known as Cloud Connect.

Eucalyptus will now work with storage area networks (SANs) to enable cloud builders to further arbitrate their compute power from their storage space, something that is practically de rigueur for the modern data center and a significant barrier to really large-scale deployment. No SAN means no enterprise-class data center, so hats off to Rich Wolski and crew.

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