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NIST to launch portfolio of cloud computing use cases

The National Institute for Standards and Technology will create a Web portal designed to educate the masses on cloud computing applications.

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NIST to offer more info on cloud computing
Information Week reports that the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) is going to launch a Web portal where head-scratchers can go and see examples of "real" cloud computing applications and find out if their solutions are cloudy enough.

Mark Lee Badger, the federal egghead for computer security at NIST, said that the site will become a repository of information on IT implementations throughout the federal government. Agencies can submit their work to be graded on how closely it conforms to the celebrated NIST cloud computing definition. If their work passes inspection, it will be available for others to learn from by example. No word on what happens if they don't pass….

This is important because the federal government has pointedly said it wants to push as much of its IT infrastructure out onto cloud providers as it can. An ocean of cash, up to $19 billion, awaits those who can measure up and pass this NIST cloud test.

Bluelock boomtown in Indiana
Cloud provider and hoster Bluelock is spreading down-to-earth joy in its hometown, pouring $35 million dollars into their data center and reportedly hiring 118 staff members. It's a positive sign for vendors in this cloud segment, since BlueLock debuted in 2006 with $5 million in venture capital. Presumably they've had additional investment to pay for the gaudy splash-out on bricks and iron, but nobody builds out $35 million dollars worth of anything unless they think it's going to pay for itself.

Google pushing Apps hard
Google released a new tool yesterday, descriptively titled the Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange tool, that is designed to move small businesses off Exchange servers and onto Google Apps. The tool, which will work on both cloud and in-house Exchange servers, closely follows the announcement of Google's Apps Marketplace, indicating that the company is making a full-scale push to get increase mainstream appeal for its services.

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