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OpSource lays down cloud SLA gauntlet with 100% uptime

In a move designed to impress enterprises, OpSource's new service-level agreement promises 100% network and server availability.

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OpSource presents the most comprehensive cloud SLA ever
Enterprise cloud hopeful OpSource has trimmed its sails for the enterprise crowd with what it calls the "the most comprehensive service-level agreement (SLA) available from any cloud vendor." Highlights include 100% network and server availability guarantees and sub-millisecond latencies inside its cloud environment.

Other enterprise-grade cloud providers might find themselves surprised to learn they were so far behind the times; Verizon might quibble, since its shiny new cloud also offers 100% uptime and has slightly more gravitas under its belt than OpSource. In any case, you're not getting either SLA for $0.085/hour. Think again, cheapskate.

Fujitsu unveils cloud servers
Apparently deciding that no new trend should go unmolested by marketing, Fujitsu has launched a new line of Primergy Cloud eXtension servers for the cloud-ready hipsters of the data center world. The Primergy CX1000 eschews those faded dinosaurs of yesteryear, the blade server and the rack-mounted server, as just not with the times.

Instead, the CX "scale-out server" line utilizes a revolutionary design to maximize cooling and space efficiency for a highly-scalable, compute-node dense, awesome device that can be slotted next to existing racks and make them feel bad about being so "data center 1.0." Don't take our word for it -- see for yourself what a revolutionary cloud server device such as this might look like. Impressed?

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