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MySQL chief Mickos to head Eucalyptus

The former chief executive of open source database behemoth MySQL is now the boss of open source cloud-enabling software firm Eucalyptus.

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Marten Mickos to run the show at Eucalyptus
Open source generalissimo Marten Mickos, who led the open source database MySQL to billion-dollar profitability and a majority of the world's Web apps, has been tapped to head open source cloud-enabling software firm Eucalyptus. Mickos left MySQL after it was acquired by Sun and before Sun was acquired by Oracle.

Will Eucalyptus, created by UC-Santa Barbara's Dr. Rich Wolski as the Elastic Utility Computing Architecture Linking Your Programs To Useful Systems (EUCALYPTUS) at (perhaps) the Middleware and Applications Yielding Heterogeneous Environments for Metacomputing (MAYHEM) labs, go the way of MySQL and turn into another billion-dollar concern? We're not sure, but a name like Mickos on the C-level chart can only help.

SunGard hawking the wares of the Cisco/VMware/EMC trio
SunGard Availability Services is now selling cloud based on Vblock -- a bespoke hardware and management package from the vendor triumvirate of Cisco/VMware/EMC.

The Vblock Infrastructure Package delivers a pile of servers that are virtualization-ready with EMC CLARiiON SAN and Cisco Nexus switches with management software and presumably some hefty support and service agreements.

This can't match the do-it-yourself cost of Amazon or Google's data centers built on commodity servers, so it remains to be seen whether investment in a pre-built, well-trimmed VMware cloud-in-a-box can pay off for providers. SunGard is well positioned to find out, currently making money on every other kind of managed service under the, well, sun.

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