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Cloud startup enables VMware to Hyper-V conversion

Open source cloud software developer Abiquo has released a new version of its cloud management product and announced its intentions to compete as a U.S. cloud infrastructure provider.

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Abiquo making cloud headlines across the board
Spanish open source cloud software developer Abiquo has hit another milestone with Abiquo 1.5. New features include support for Microsoft's Hyper-V and something it calls "drag-and-drop VM conversion." Apparently, users can shift virtual machines from a VMware hypervisor to a Hyper-V environment and Abiquo will do all the heavy lifting for them.

According to the company, however, version 1.5 won't be available for some time. The new release is timed to build up interest in Abiquo's other startling announcement. With $5.1 million in venture capital, the EMEA open source underdog has reformed as a U.S. firm and stands ready to go toe-to-toe with Eucalyptus and other software vendors as a for-profit open source cloud infrastructure provider.

This information has been met with mixed results so far. Eucalyptus has announced the hire of big gun CEO Marten Mickos but is still "in the runway," as the VCs like to say. Meanwhile, Canadian startup Enomaly recently closed the source on its cloud infrastructure software in an apparent bid to make money selling its product instead of giving it away.

Cloudwashing continues unabated
Setting new standards for marketing froth, loan software maker Dorado announced that it will use First American Corporation's technology for some sort of Web service offering. We think. Some of the confusion stems from Dorado, hitherto a complete unknown in the cloud market, becoming "the provider of Internet-based cloud computing."

Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Rackspace and other real cloud customers need not fear; whatever Dorado is doing doesn't fall under loan-making services for banks, so they can simply pick another name for whatever it was they were doing before today.

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