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SAP targets smaller customers with cloud collaboration service

The software giant looks beyond the enterprise with online collaboration portal StreamWork.

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SAP to "stream" the way you "work"
Software behemoth SAP appears to be making a stab at Google Apps and Microsoft's budding SharePoint Online with StreamWork, an online collaboration portal aimed at "transforming the way people work." Good thing they came up with such a fresh and interesting choice of words.

StreamWork appears to be aimed at sucking in the little guy, not SAP's preferred monster enterprise customers. The service has a free version, starting at $9 a seat per month, and the customer referenced ( is an email newsletter with 14 employees.

Can SAP, normally described in business agility terms as an elephant on ice skates, really make a go on an online productivity portal in the teeth of Google's 25 million users,'s several millions and the uncounted legions of SharePointers? It's a head scratcher.

enStratus gets governance in new release
enStratus has added a raft of new features to its "cross-cloud" management software that will make the beleaguered CIO drool. The features include role-based security designed to prevent pesky developers from sneaking cloud computing power without asking for it, as well as SAML support for companies on the compliance bandwagon. Billing and usage tracking, along with email alerts, are also on the list.

The open source cloud world unites
For-profit open source vendors ELO, Mandriva, Nexedi and TioLive have teamed up to form the Free Cloud Alliance (FCA). Much like the Justice League, albeit considerably less powerful, the FCA aims to combine forces and provide open source cloud computing for the enterprise. Good luck, gang; you're probably going to need it.

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