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Cloud providers developing apps for Apple iPad

Several cloud vendors, Rackspace chief among them, are moving their applications from the iPhone to the iPad.

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Rackspace discusses iPad apps
Rackspace is among the cloud vendors lurching from the tiny iPhone to the moderately larger iPad screen this weekend as cloud providers of all stripes pile on to Apple's new toy. Racker Mike Mayo laid out some of the issues in turning an iPhone app into an iPad app.

In other news, consumer cloud storage company launched on the iPad, Cisco WebEx and Citrix GoToMeeting have also joined the fray (allowing meeting participants to log in and then ignore the screen without even having to use their laptops) and client virtualization vendor Wyse Technology re-released Wyse PocketCloud for the iPad, making hay on Apple's launch.

Symantec study says no one is training IT for cloud security
Security vendor Symantec says less than one in 10 IT administrators are being systematically frightened into hysteria over cloud computing, which can't be good for the prospects of them buying new stuff that says "cloud security" on the box. The survey also highlighted that two out of three respondents felt that their switch to cloud was being done by business managers, and they would kind of prefer that IT be more involved in the process.

LogLogic joins Cloud Security Alliance
Log management company LogLogic has joined the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). The company advocates greater visbility into public clouds for the security-conscious. We're not sure when Rackspace and Amazon will begin allowing third-party vendors to analyze their internal log files, no matter how curious customers might be, but it's an interesting idea.

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