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Eucalyptus adds to private cloud with GroundWork

The two for-profit open source firms have formed a partnership that will enhance Eucalyptus' private cloud offering.

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Open source firms form a cloud partnership
Confirming the widely held superstition that it's important to keep track of what all your "IT 2.0" cloud computing resources are doing, for-profit open source firms Eucalyptus and GroundWork have joined forces. The announcement is a technical partnership: Eucalyptus will help GroundWork with its enterprise monitoring software, and vice versa.

Going forward, EucaGroundlyptusWork technologies are likely to be a big part of Ubuntu's Enterprise Cloud operating system distribution. There's also a new product line on the way: GroundWork has opened a beta for GroundWork Monitor Enterprise Cloud, which is built around Eucalyptus' VMware-friendly, for-pay Enterprise Edition.

So what does it all mean? Very shortly, Eucalyptus will have a full-featured private cloud technology with all the things an enterprise needs: policy management, monitoring, fast simple delivery and scalability. Of course, Abiquo already has all that, so it mostly means that maybe Abiquo should give Eucalyptus' PR people a call.

Amazon launches notification services
Continuing the "be aware of your cloud" trend, Amazon has announced the Simple Notification Service (SNS). Like everything else on AWS (except for EC2 and S3), it's a way for lazy developers to push yet another "simple to do, hard to get right" task off their plate for a few pennies. SNS lets developers select events that happen in their cloud environment and automatically distribute them to subscribers, which can include applications in or out of Amazon's cloud.

CA cuts a thousand jobs, blames cloud
Data center software maker CA is consolidating operations and shedding 1,000 jobs in what it calls part of a shift to focus the company on rearming for cloud. CA has received high praise recently for looking forward and dropping hundreds of millions of dollars on cloud software acquisitions like 3Tera ($100 million for a 20 man company) and Nimsoft ($350 million) -- now comes the other end of blowing through all that moolah.

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