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CA unleashes add-on

Software giant CA has launched SaaS for agile developers who use the proprietary platform.

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CA drops development platform
Software and services seller and now avowed cloud-enabler CA has announced a development platform built entirely on CA Agile Vision Team Edition is basically a collaboration and coordination service for users. The pricing of $15-per month for users will be attractive to "agile" developer types, who alternate planning sessions with so-called sprints in two week intervals to rush software products out the door.

Time will tell, but this announcement does prove that CA has become increasingly flexible in offering cloud computing products. This platform is an addition to's growing stable of bolt-ons, so both companies will be able to claim a win. Of course, if nobody uses it, it didn't cost CA or a whole lot to put it out there.

IBM cloud to power aircraft design
Running the risk of a severe outbreak of cloud-related puns, IBM has announced that Woodward Control Solutions will be using IBM cloud computing to do design modeling for aircraft parts design.

Woodward will be replacing physical models with computer-simulated ones and running tests on the simulations a simulated environment. IBM claims the firm will save about $275,000 per engineer each year by skipping the model making and testing process. Readers who are so inclined are free to insert their own one-liners about flying, skies, Big Blue, clouds and so on.

Cloud could be ticket out of slump, say K2 Advisory
A report from K2 Advisory on cloud computing called "Cloud Computing: A Step Change for IT Services" says that cloud computing will continue to grow by leaps and bounds in small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) because cloud providers will offer services that SMBs simply can't do them themselves.

This is good news because the report's author, Dr. Katy Ring, said that the IT service explosion meant that getting into technology was becoming cheaper and faster for everyone, and the lack of investment needed for cloud services were a boon for companies struggling to get their economic engines started again.

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