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ISACA auditors cautiously endorse cloud with new guidelines

The Information Systems Audit and Control Association has released new guidelines for managing cloud computing and governance for enterprise.

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ISACA releases guidelines for governance on cloud
IT bean counters' organization Information Systems Audit and Control Association(ISACA) has released a white paper on cloud computing from the auditing and assurance perspective, which could be described as only slightly less conservative on new technology than Ned Lud.

"The cloud is a major change in how computing resources will be utilized, and as such will be a major governance initiative within adopting organizations, requiring involvement of a broad set of stakeholders," the ISACA concludes. In large part, the paper bangs the drum for an increasingly familiar litany of concerns: know your legal risks, understand your provider's operation and make sure your choice of cloud computing can be shoehorned into your existing risk assessments frameworks.

The white paper includes this gem, which offers backhanded insight into the current state of enterprises IT operations that may be trying to get ready for cloud computing:

"If not already part of the business's governance or system development life cycle process, the move to cloud computing essentially dictates that a company information security officer or director be included in all further governance and system development life cycle processes."

Azure AppFabric releases new version, officially costs money
Microsoft is now billing for AppFabric, marking the official start of the Azure service as fully supported and covered under Azure's SLAs. AppFabric is Microsoft's software service bus-like service that ties together on-premise appllciataions and Azure cloud resources. It has also offically launched v1.o of the AppFabric Software Development Kit.

Intel releases Enomaly how to guide
Chip-maker Intel has published a white paper on using cloud-making software Enomaly to build a private cloud. Virtualization and provisioning platform Enomaly got started with a boost from Intel in 2005 and apparently remains close to the IT monolith. The extent of the business relationship isn't clear, but the white paper is a sign that there is at least a technical partnership between startup and the behemoth Intel.

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