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Microsoft Azure expands to 41 countries worldwide

Microsoft increases Azure availability to 20 new regions and countries.

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Azure expands globally
Azure is now available in 41 countries worldwide as Microsoft continues to push its cloud platform into full commercial viability. Monday's announcement added twenty countries to the list of Azure-available locations, and Microsoft Partners in the affected areas can also get in on the action and resell Azure through their channels. Microsoft is still trying to keep some things simple, though, as billing is available only in Euros, U.S. and Australian dollars.

Azure is also rapidly adding to its list of case studies, proving that people are actually using Azure. Most of the projects are exactly what you'd expect -- websites and Web services, which are pretty well proven in cloud computing. No word if every Azure customer is currently listed on the case studies page, or if it's merely most of them.

Rampant attacks stemming from Amazon EC2
All Amazon EC2 IP addresses were listed as spam about six months ago, and a recent rash of brute force attacks from EC2 IP addresses may have equally serious results. Some administrators may even consider dropping all Amazon EC2 traffic. Amazon's response to these issues has been vague at best, which means the goodwill toward Amazon's customer service might be coming to a halt.

CA sells Nimsoft on-demand
CA is delivering Nimsoft's data center monitoring software remotely now. Nimsoft On Demand copies the company's on-premise installation and is delivered from CA's infrastructure. Nimsoft was bought by CA for $350 million in a purchase aimed squarely at helping enterprises turn their data centers into cloud environments.

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