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Taiwan boosters to push cloud computing

The country forms a cloud computing consortium to advance the development of local cloud environments.

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Taiwan is looking to the cloud
Proving that jawboning executives and vendors are popular worldwide, Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute has started up a group to advance the development of cloud computing environments in the country. It's fertile ground, since Taiwan is highly industrialized, highly connected and home to electronics manufacturers that produce the building blocks of cloud servers and networking gear, as well as a thriving data center industry.

DreamWorks uses the cloud to animate
On the heels of using Red Hat's cloud to animate Monsters vs. Aliens, DreamWorks decided to collaborate with New Mexico-based Cerelink on its new film How to Train Your Dragon. The studio apparently used about two million render hours on Cerelink's private cloud infrastructure to perfect its dragon-oriented movie experience.

Azure gains an app monitoring tool
Software as a Service (SaaS) application performance management tool New Relic now supports Azure, Microsoft's Platform as a Service offering. New Relic provides performance monitoring for applications that typically live in the cloud (or at least online) like Web services and gaming sites. It's a decent get for Azure, since it means there's traction in the Web-centric crowd for Azure's "living sandbox" development environment.

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