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NetSuite forms cloud partnerships at SuiteCloud 2010

20 vendors have announced support for NetSuite's SuiteCloud 2.0 as the Software as a Service vendor tries to take on market leader

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NetSuite makes new friends in the cloud
NetSuite, the business management Software as a Service (SaaS) vendor, has paired off in a bevy of simultaneous support/partnerships/love fests with other vendors at its SuiteCloud 2010 conference.

20 or vendors have announced they will support SuiteCloud 2.0, NetSuite's attempt to make customers believe they're better off buying everything in the store instead of just the bits they need. pioneered the approach with its Sales Cloud 2, but NetSuite seems to have a slightly better handle on delivering integration with users' existing applications, as evidenced by its slew of new collaborations.

Content manager, remote systems management maker Level Platforms, performance monitoring Host Analytics and data integration specialists Pervasive Software are just a few of NetSuite's new friends, and the company will support users with applications running in Amazon and Google's clouds. The overall message seems to be "come unto us and we will be all things to you," which may or may not be comforting to users.

NaviSite really shifting focus to the cloud
Roughly a month after NaviSite announced that its focus was moving from colocation to managed cloud computing services, the company joined the Cloud Security Alliance as a corporate sponsor. Of course, NaviSite's cloud service will not actually launch until later in the month, but respects and understands NaviSite's enthusiasm towards fitting in.

Find the cost of cloud computing
Business intelligence/IT budgeting SaaS provider Apptio has made a seeming obviously leap by offering users cost comparisons for cloud services. Users interested in figuring out exactly how much a cloud service will actually cost as opposed to what the advertising says ("$.08/hour! It's fantastic! Don't forget your bandwidth bill! And your storage bill!") can now integrate many of the popular service vendors into Apptio's cost-crunching machine and get tidy reports to prove or disprove cloud costs for their organizational needs.

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