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Microsoft offers political services in the cloud

Microsoft's TownHall tool allows political candidates to engage with prospective voters in an online, Azure-based environment.

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Microsoft gives politicians a soapbox on Azure
Forever competing with Google, Microsoft's TownHall tool, much like Google Moderator, will offer a virtual environment for public officials and burgeoning candidates to engage with their constituents in a community atmosphere on Windows Azure.

The service is a part of Campaign Ready, the company's cloud-based platform designed to appeal to the politically minded. Microsoft has also released TownHall code for those early-bird developers.

Surgient presents a dashboard for private cloud
In yet another story about the industry's focus on private cloud computing, IT automation software developer Surgient has created a dashboard for enterprises working with an internal cloud. The Enterprise Cloud Dashboard provides cloud administrators with an immediate look into the workings of their infrastructure and services; this kind of added insight into what is actually going on inside the cloud should entice cloud-curious organizations.

Oracle now loves the cloud
Oracle has chosen a cloud computing path, deciding that private cloud is the wave of the future and marshaling its vast resources accordingly. This continues the company's extreme roundabout on the cloud market, which began with a series of cloud computing forums in February, and guarantees that future Larry Ellison outbursts will be directed elsewhere.

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