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EnStratus integrated into Microsoft System Center

The cloud management firm allies with Microsoft's infrastructure management tool suite, giving System Center more of a cloud presence.

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EnStratus melds with System Center
Cloud management firm enStratus will now talk to Microsoft's suite of infrastructure management tools. Microsoft System Center is a work-in-progress that Redmond is pitching to Windows data center operators. It's not very cloudy, despite extremely sincere marketing efforts by Microsoft, but enStratus' integration is a step in that direction.

EnStratus lets users control virtual machines and networking from a variety of public cloud providers and internal virtualized infrastructure. The new functionality lets enStratus users receive monitoring updates and alerts about their cloud resources within the System Center user interface.

DNA sequencing in the cloud
DNAnexus has opened the doors on a Genome as a Service offering that apparently grew out of frustration with trying to get scientific computing needs met on public cloud providers, due to the mismatch between bandwidth and data set sizes. All the CPU horsepower in the world isn't very much fun if you can't get your terabyte of data there and back again without a hiccup. A Stanford-incubated start up, DNAnexus looks like an interesting potential vertical for the cloud.

New poll is "meh" on cloud; Google Apps sniffs under arms, asks, "Is it me?"
A new Harris Interactive (online survey) poll asked the question, "Do you want all your stuff online?" and only half the surveyed Americans said yes. It's unclear if Harris meant to describe Google Apps in precise terms without naming the search giant, but it pretty much did.

"There is a new technology, referred to as cloud computing, that allows files to be stored, edited, or played online from any location at any point in time," says the survey, which will doubtless cause pundits and promoters to go bananas in all kinds of ways. But one in three surveyed turned the idea down flat, one in five were mildly interested and 47% were very interested. The numbers rose when asked about specifics, like photos or email and were (duh) higher for the younger crowds.

Of course, the poll was taken online, so it's only fair to call it a little bit self-selecting.

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