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RightScale adds support for user-created virtual machines

The cloud management provider bows to the growing sophistication of cloud computing users and accepts their homegrown virtual machine images.

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RightScale opens its platform to user VMs
RightScale has added a much requested feature to its cloud management product -- support for user-created virtual machine (VM) images. Before the announcement of the RightScale Cloud Management Platform, users would choose a RightScale VM image, or create their own using templates and preapproved scripts, and manage them with RightScale's Web portal.

Now users can create their own images (typically Amazon Machine Images used on Amazon Web Services), modify them any way they like, launch them and install a service from RightScale that allows the images to enjoy a full range of monitoring and management inside the RightScale portal. RightScale CTO Thorsten von Eicken said in an interview that it was one of the most requested features from users.

"They may have an internal process to go through or their kind of standards for [building VMs]," he said, that precluded using one of RightScale's ready-made images. von Eicken said he had repeatedly heard from developers and users who said that, despite VMs that were nearly identical to RightScale's, they had no choice but to build and customize images on their own.

von Eicken said they hadn't allowed user-created images earlier because they felt supporting users was easier if RightScale had control over the VMs -- he said he's always been open about exactly how they are customized -- but growing sophistication among cloud users and in RightScale's capabilities meant it was possible to open up the platform.

Fujitsu announces a kinder, gentler global cloud strategy
IT giant Fujitsu's new cloud strategy may startle industry watchers, since it is apparently "human-centric and most in the know had previously considered cloud computing to more focused on computers. The hardware and services provider said the new strategy will include an information and communication technology (ICT) standardized service offering intended first for Fujitsu data center customers that will "complement the local cloud platforms."

Fujitsu says the major aim of its cloud strategy is to provide a "non-disruptive" way for customers to gradually integrate current IT with cloud services. That's welcome news to the weary faithful, who are sick to the gills and nervous wrecks from constantly being assaulted by histrionics about "disruptive technologies" that will "revolutionize" everything.

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