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Survey says: Cloud computing adoption still strong

The results of a survey taken at IT trade show Interop say that cloud adoption remains strong and Software as a Service continues to grow.

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Interop attendees still adopting cloud
A site survey at venerable IT trade show Interop noted that cloud computing adoption remains strong among attendees, with Software as a Service (SaaS) the clear winner. 41% of the 100 or so respondents said they had some form of software delivered to their IT, like, with only 20% using cloud computing infrastructure services like Amazon.

29% said they had some form of private cloud deployed in their own IT departments, although the survey was not specific on what exactly constitutes a private cloud. Interop wrapped up this week with reported resurgence in good cheer, as the economy recovers and IT budgets aren't quite in the painful pinch they were last year.

Benioff declares game over for Microsoft
Possibly popping the champagne a few decades too early, CEO Marc Benioff fired a salvo at traditional software companies in Fortune Magazine, declaring "the way we run our lives has forever changed" and pointing to the fact that Apple's market cap is about to exceed Microsoft's.

Benioff goes on to say that this proves that we'll all be using Facebook someday, and software companies like Microsoft have been left in the dust in this bright new tomorrow of social media and online services.

Astute readers may remember that Microsoft has been providing email services and online communities (albeit at varying levels of competence and usefulness) for quite some time, so it's possible that the software giant is actually aware of the Internet and plans to make money on it. Why, look here! Steve Ballmer even has his own Facebook page!

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