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Ex-Wiley engineers raise $11M in AppDynamics funding

The application management firm and Software as a Service provider pads its wallet with a second round of financing.

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AppDynamics adds $11 million to the fold
Application management software maker AppDynamics has landed $11 million in a second round of funding. Founder Jyoti Bansal was a project lead at Wiley Technologies, which also made performance monitoring software. Wiley was bought and rolled into CA for $375 million and Bansal said that he pulled several Wiley engineers along with him when he started AppDynamics.

AppDynamics says it can provide a flat-world view of an enterprise's applications across any infrastructure platform, including cloud-based ones, and let users write scripts and policies to handle performance issues. It counts as a customer and will sell users its Software as a Service (SaaS) if they don't want the enterprise deployment.

Savvis drops $30 million on U.K. cloud servers
Savvis, a managed hosting provider and home of cloud computing pilot Project Spirit, says it is investing $30 million dollars in its Slough, U.K. data center as demand for cloud services increases. Savvis Symphony Open for the EU is hosted at Slough; the planned expansion will bring the operational square footage up to 43,000.

Savvis' first quarter results were painful for the company, with a reported $11 million in losses as depreciations (throwing out old servers) rose. This may be driving the company's headlong rush into cloud; after all, in the cloud no one knows if your server is old or junky.

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