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Rackspace cloud earnings small but telling

Rackspace's cloud revenue rose in the first quarter of 2010, but its cloud earnings for the year project to be considerably less than Amazon's.

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Rackspace releases cloud revenue
Cloud boosters might cringe when they learn exactly how much money cloud leader Rackspace made off with this year. In its first quarter, ending March 31, its cloud revenue increased to $19.3 million, up from $17.1 million in the fourth quarter of 2009, or approximately the same amount as Larry Ellison's travel budget for the same period.

Rackspace overall did very well, adding more than 3,000 physical servers to its operation and posting net revenue of $178 million, up 5.5% from last quarter and 23.2% from the same time last year. That means Rackspace is on track to get close to $600 billion in revenue, $60-$65 million of that from cloud. Some estimates, however, say Amazon will make ten times that from cloud infrastructure services in 2010.

Ford wants you to drive in the cloud
Apparently hoping to prove that cloud computing can compete with smart phones, insanely complicated stereo control screens, GPS units and fast food, Ford has demonstrated an application development platform for getting new software apps into cars. In case you didn't have enough to do behind the wheel, Ford wants you to "access information in the cloud," and probably tweet about it, while you drive.

Virtustream gets $40 million for cloud from Intel
Virtual managed hosting provider Virtustream got a shot in the arm from sugar daddy Intel to the tune of $40 million, ostensibly to boost its new xStream line of services. Virtustream is trying very hard to make the leap from managed hosting services to true cloud provider. xStream looks a lot more like virtual private hosting with very flexible billing than Amazon right now, but the Intel juice is a sign that the future lays further over toward the cloud side that the managed hosting side.

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