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OpSource Cloud Files takes aim at Amazon S3

The new cloud storage service from OpSource challenges Amazon by offering full encryption for data both in transit and at rest.

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OpSource presents a "unique" cloud storage service
Upstart cloud provider OpSource has launched an adjunct to its enterprise-focused, point-and-click cloud computing service called Cloud Files. OpSource said the file storage service is unique among cloud offerings for offering full encryption both in transit (via SSL) and at rest; user data is stored under 246-bit AES encryption and users manage their own security keys.

OpSource CTO Treb Ryan said that OpSource is well aware that the market for online storage is saturated with competition, but he believes users will take up Cloud Files for the same reason they use Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3): It's close to their cloud computing resources. He said it will be a cheap and well-integrated way for OpSource cloud users to park data online, even if they aren't running virtual machines at the time.

"Really, it's a way to round out our offerings. We've always been more a of server focused organization," he said.

Ryan said OpSource has priced Cloud Files at $0.15 per GB per month to be competitive with AWS, and users will only incur bandwidth charges on outbound data transfer. Additionally, there will be no charge for using the data within OpSource -- calls to data stores and returning results will be free.

"We don't charge for puts and gets…Web transactions are free," he said.

Cloud Files also offers individual user access management, so administrators can restrict access to individual files and directories and manipulate files through a fashionable, Web-based user interface.

That's all a poke in the eye for Amazon Web Services, which has discounted inbound data transfer until June but charges transaction fees between availability zones and does not offer multi-user access, or rights management, or snappy point-and-click file management tools. While it's unlikely Amazon cares much about the competition, the move by OpSource may prompt a mini-land rush of similar storage offerings from other cloud providers if it takes off. Cloud Files is based on storage technology by Mezeo.

IBM open cloud lab in Singapore
IBM is opening a cloud computing laboratory in Singapore under the wing of the public sector Infocomm Development Authority. The lab is the eleventh of a worldwide collection that are all linked together for experimentation, research and business ventures for the entrepreneur or scientist with the right connections.

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