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Capellas to head cloud computing for EMC's private cloud venture

The former chief executive of MCI and Compaq will run Acadia, the private cloud venture from VMware, Cisco and EMC.

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Cisco and EMC choose Capellas for Acadia
Serial C-level exec Mike Capellas, former head of MCI (acquired by Verizon) and Compaq, has been tapped to head up EMC's private cloud venture. Capellas will lead the storage giant's efforts to bundle VMware, Cisco and EMC into preconfigured private cloud products.

Acadia is a joint venture between the three firms and not a standard business, so there is little chance of it floundering and then getting bought out by a competitor -- something industry insiders consider to be a reliable quirk of Capellas' leadership roles.

VMware buying data distribution maven Gemstone
Continuing its clever strategy of owning all of the fun parts of a cloud and not having to do any of the boring hosting, VMware has agreed to acquire GemStone, a firm that specializes in increasing database and application performance by pushing your data around to where it's needed.

This ties into VMware's VMforcePlatform as a Service (PaaS) offering, where VMware supplies the virtual servers, the SpringSource Java platform and perhaps caching and optimization services while provides the actual computers and bandwidth.

VMware has pledged to continue active support for GemStone products for at least the foreseeable future.

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