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IDC reports $12 billion in private cloud hardware sales by 2014

The research firm says that by 2014, private cloud will far outpace public cloud computing in terms of server sales.

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Private cloud server sales will reach $12 billion
Research firm IDC reports that private cloud will soon dominate the sales of servers, with $12.4 billion in sales directed towards creating cloud computing IT environments by 2014 versus $718 million in sales of servers used in public clouds like Amazon Web Services.

It's unknown if IDC is counting any x86 server that supports virtualization as part of a private cloud upgrade or just the ones that say "Only For Cloud Computing" on the box.

EMC pitches private clouds
EMC World 2010 kicks off today with a heavy lean towards the private cloud. Hopefully the storage giant will be able to clear up some of the confusion and show the world what that may mean with specifics. It certainly means that EMC and others can cheerfully call any IT function they like "cloud," and there is plenty of that to be expected this week.

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